What is it like to be a volunteer?

Looking back at all the accomplishments we had this semester, one definitely worth mentioning is that we added a few amazing people to our team. Here you can read about their experience as volunteers so far.

Oriana: “I am so grateful for being part of ESN because I am having the time of my life being on this journey right now. I met so many wonderful people and attended so many cool events where I had so much fun and also learned a lot. What I love the most about being an ESN volunteer is that I am free to be creative, have new initiatives and put into practice all the ideas I have. I have the opportunity to work on my passions, develop new skills and make friends and memories. It brings out the best in me.”

Stefan aka Peti: “Joining ESN was the best idea I could come up with for this semester, as I was able to meet new and like-minded people that are working towards a common goal: helping Erasmus students, as well as local students. I'm thankful that I'm a piece in this ever evolving mechanism.”

Nadina: “Being a volunteer in ESN for the past 4 months has been one of the greatest decisions that I made. It helped me with my social skills, time management and the most important part was the wonderful people that I met during this time. It reminded me of the joy of traveling, encountering new cultures and learning from them. Furthermore, it made me realize I am part of the Erasmus Generation and how important that is.”

Maria: “Being part of ESN enabled for me a different perspective on the place I live in. Having interacted with foreign students and going with them on trips around Romania made me reevaluate my country and our customs and also provided me a better understanding of them. All in all, people make it all, as the connections I made are the most valuable part of becoming a volunteer.”

Hopefully their stories will inspire others to join us on our ESN journey together!