ESN Brasov at a National assembly of ESN Romania

ESN Brasov is a subsidiary of Erasmus Student Network Romania. It was founded in 2010, with the purpose of improving the Erasmus+ experience for both incoming and outgoing students from the “Transilvania” University of Brașov

As an organization we want to help the exchange students adapt to living deep in the heart of Romania, while also helping them connect with each other at events organized by ESN. We want to help create an international family where the incoming students can feel at home in. Also, we want to promote understanding of each other’s culture and to help create meaningful relationships that will stand the test of time.

Our volunteers and buddies are dedicated to meeting new people and helping the exchange students accommodate to living in Brașov. Most of us have an Erasmus+ background or strive to participate in an Erasmus+ exchange, and can help you with advice in regards to living in the heart of Romania.

Last but not least, we would like to welcome you to Brasov and we hope you will enjoy your stay here!